This week, now that I’m back from Study Abroad, I went back to my normal school schedule, doing my work study, internship, and classes. It is weird to be back here and not in Ireland. I really miss the scenery, but it does feel nice to be in my own bed. Other then the small jet lag that I had for a week I still have been busy.

I have applied to a couple of places for a summer internship, since the arts administration major requires the students to complete three internships. I am hopeful, especially since I already have a meeting with one location in the next couple of weeks! Therefore, I have been updating my resume, coming up with questions to ask the interviewer, and planning my outfit so I look my best.

Then, there is my current internship here at Marywood. I’m keeping track of my hours and what I have been doing each time so I can keep track of what I learned, and how I can use it for my next internship. This week I helped with taking down the exhibition Make, Believe: The Maslow Collection and the Moving Image and also helping with the upcoming exhibition in the Maslow Gallery. I have been pulling out files on the artist and taking out postcards and articles I thought highlighted the artist and their pieces well. Then I laid them out on the wood display case in the gallery. I don’t know if the layout I made in the display case will stay like that for the exhibition but it was nice doing this on my own. It took me awhile to do this, just because some articles and photos I pulled out are big while some are small. I kept moving things around until I found a layout that looked nice but also had a flow to it.

Other then all of this, the semester is almost over! I feel like its still February but maybe that is just me. I have been preparing so much for the future, whether it be for next week or for after graduation, but I’m excited for what comes.

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