Alumni Stories: Nicole Mohrey

Nicole MohreyFor two years I attended a technical school called Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. At this school, I took commercial art; which was taught by a Marywood Alumni Nicole Mohrey. In that class, I was taught how to make art for money. Mohrey made sure that I had an understanding in all fields. I had assignments related to advertising, graphic design, and illustration.

Nicole Mohrey’s education and experience showed in her teachings. Many students found her class difficult but I found it informative. She made sure that class was just in a working environment. With deadlines every Friday and quick-fire assignments (we had 3 hours to come up with thumbnails, rough drafts, and a final design). Her teachings also consisted of competencies. Mohrey would determine whether or not your artwork was competent and she had you work on it until it looked professional. Over the two years with her, she required me to have a certain amount of competencies as a graphic designer. Along with preparing you for the working world, she prepared you for college.

Mohrey would have advisors from different art schools come and talk to the class about what each school had to offer. Marywood was one of the schools that had a representative come talk to us. It was at a Marywood meeting where I met Marywood art faculty, Mark Webber.

Mohrey is one of the reasons I currently attend Marywood. I thank Mohrey for all she has done for me. Mohrey made the classroom a family setting which is no surprise because Marywood also has a family setting. It is clear that she is an alumnus of Marywood because she is passionate and caring and wishes for all of her students to succeed.

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