Preserving Spring

Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. Every spring I go a little over board with buying flowers for the windowsill in my kitchen. This year before they got a chance to wilt I decided I was going to preserve them. I got out my extra heavy Art History book and got to work!


I gathered all the flowers I thought were in the best condition to press. I made piles of flowers, petals, and leaves. Next I lined my book with recycled Bristol paper. It really doesn’t matter what type of paper you use, newspaper works just the same. I chose a thicker paper because I arranged the flowers in the way I wanted to display them after they were pressed!


Once I finished putting the flowers in my Art History book I searched my bookshelves for other heavy books. I found four pretty heavy ones and stacked them on top of the book the flowers were in.

And the best part is you only have to wait three weeks to see your results! Just kidding, that is the only down side to pressing flowers, but as the wise saying goes “Good things comes to those who wait!”

There are many different ways to press flowers, this is probably the oldest and least expensive way! Experimenting with preserving anything is always really fun!

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