Thoughts From a Graduate

No one really prepares you for “life after college,” for the “real world.” Pretty much you feel like nothing has changed, while at the same time you’re crushed under your own fears of the great unknown. At least this is what it’s been like for me.

They say we have all of the opportunities in the world, it is our oyster…but…what does that truly mean when it comes time to apply those ideas to our own lives. It is strange because when you look back at the last four years of your life, so much has changed that it is almost unfathomable. However, I feel small again. I feel as though I am coming out of high school, being pushed into college; my mind constantly probed for the answers pertaining to my future. I thought after college I would finally have the answers to those questions. Somehow, though, more questions have presented themselves, rather than answers to passed questions rising to the surface.

My purpose for writing this is not to scare high schoolers away from college, or to be negative about all our lives have in store for us. Instead, I want new graduates to understand that yes, life is hard, and scary, and terrifying, and so many other things; but what it all comes down to is our focus. The focus we learned to control when we went to college and started making decisions for our own lives. A good friend recently told me that “you are the owner of your life. You call the shots and can do anything you want.” I thought about this, making the connection with my previous mention of the world being your oyster. I compared this concept with purchasing the perfect prom dress (bare with me, this makes sense). When you are in high school and preparing for your senior prom, you look at that moment as a milestone, something you have waited so long for, and when that moment comes where you try on the perfect dress, you just know. It was meant for you and you for it. You feel beautiful and complete and ready to take on whatever that night throws at you. The same goes for your path in life. We may have a general idea of what we want to accomplish but may have a little trouble getting there. We “try on” different options but none seem to fit correctly…until one day, exactly what you have been waiting for will make itself known. You may not know what it is at this moment, but it is out there, looking for you as you look for it. Be patient, your perfect fit is out there.

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