Over this past week I have found inspiration through the work of many printmakers. I would like to share their work with you in hopes that maybe some of them will inspire you.

I have a fascination with detailed prints, especially those which focus on their linework. The level of patience and skill that artists need to create those prints amazes me.

Gabriel Grafica

Gabriel is a Mexican printmaker. His work is heavily influenced in his culture. Mainly working in a black and white, his work has a high range of value, and clear signs of pattern and texture.

Linocut / Gabriel Grafica

To see more of his work follow him on Instagram.

Andrea Lauren

Andrea is an English printmaker based in the U.S. Her style is playful, colorful, and although very detailed her work gives of a feeling of being simple. Andrea creates stamp-like linoleum cuts, the amout of detail that goes into one print is simply fascinating.

Love Birds / Andrea Lauren

To see more of her work follow her on Instagram.

Carlos Palomares

Carlos is also a Mexican printmaker. He works in several different styles but the level of detail he showcases unifies his work. He likes to print in black and white giving his pieces a more dramatic feel.

Chatita del Alma / Carlos Palomares

To see more of his work follow him on Instagram.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the work of these very talented printmakers and if there is anyone you would like me to learn about leave a comment below.

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