Printmaking: Nooshstudios

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. I’d like to help brighten up anyone’s day by showing you another cool modern day printmaker. I like to use Instagram as one of my many sources to locate and talk about all sort creative artists. Nooshstudios is one of those Instagram artist that has caught my eye and I want to give them the spotlight for this week’s blog post.

“Nooshstudios” is the name of Chris Neuenschwander’s art business. He posts about every week and his content consist of woodcuts. A woodcut in printmaking terms is when you crave into the surface of a woodblock cutting out the negative just like you would with a linoleum tile but with different tools and technique. Typically you would just use the ink roller to coat the surface of the woodblock you have carved and place it onto paper–ink side on the paper–and, by using pressure or a roller, the image will transfer to the paper making a print.

In Chris’s case he has developed more uses for the woodcut itself. He will use the woodcut for T-Shirt prints and designs or he will color in the negative on the woodblock and use the ink roller to fill in the outline making a unique piece of art. His style mainly consist of fun, illustrative, characters mainly animals. Chris will often draw his design on the computer first and uses a projector to pencil in the image on the woodblock of his choosing. Once the image is transferred he will start to crave out the negatives. The process will end here if he is using the woodcut only for printing but if he is making a piece out of the entire woodblock then he will paint the negatives in. He will use the ink roller to add a dark outline and this really makes the colors pop. He posts video of him doing these processes and it’s so satisfying to watch!

Top Left: Colored in wood cut, Bottom Left: Standard woodcut, Right: Woodcut print on T-shirt

You can watch Chris in action on Instragram and he has a store where he sells his T-shirts. I hope you enjoyed this treat of an artist and I will see y’all next time.

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