Printmaking Tessellations

In one of my past posts I mentioned being inspired by @martaharveyart on Instagram but I forgot to mention that her stamps were also tessellations!

A tessellation is when a surface is covered with a pattern or flat shapes made of one or more shapes that fit together with no overlaps or gaps essentially eliminating all the negative space between shapes.

I’ve always found creating tessellations confusing and it continues to be a difficult task. In order to tackle this project I’ve done some research trying to find the best (and easiest) way to create my tessellations.

I found a lot of tutorials and step by step processes and most of them suggested starting with a rectangle or square. To begin making your own tessellation you will take pieces out of your rectangle and place them on the opposite side.

It is easiest to work with a physical shape that you can cut and move around to make sure that all sides of the tessellation will line up. If you’re up for a challenge you can try to draw your tessellation free hand but it may take a couple of tries to make sure everything is aligned.

After your tessellation stencil has been made you are ready to trace!

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