Product Review: Posca Paint Markers

This week I’ll be reviewing a new product that I purchased over the weekend. Uni Posca Poster Paint Markers are a popular favorite among illustrators and graphic artists everywhere. I began seeing these products used by artists that I follow through instagram and finally I got around to buying some myself. 

I purchased these markers on Amazon for around $20 and was able to receive them in only two days despite being markers that originated in Japan. I checked competing websites and Michael’s and AC Moore did not carry these markers in packs like this and Dick Blick’s markers were marked at a slightly higher price. 

Now for the important part. Are these markers any better than your regular old dick blick, crayola or even the popular copic marker? 

In some ways, I think they are! 

When it comes to price, crayola will always sell you the least expensive product, because all of its products are made cheap in order to be washable or diluted. So I’m not going to use crayola as a valid competitor of the Posca pens except for the purpose of its price. 

Dick Blick’s markers are more reasonably priced and come in different sized value packs that have two different tips and many different colors. 

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to use Copic markers though I’ve heard only good reviews about them. These markers are by far the most expensive selling at almost $8 per marker. They also have the widest range of colors that would make an artist melt. Over 350 colors! 

So in comparison, I would say Posca pens are close to each other in regards to price but that Dick Blick’s markers do not provide the same quality as the Posca pen.

By this I mean that Posca markers are acrylic paint based rather than ink based so they layer over each other brightly and do not run together. And despite being paint, they dry quite quickly. (In under five minutes)

Overall, I definitely enjoy using these markers and will be using them for a long time. 8.5/10

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