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I have been doing this blog for a number of weeks and have done a lot of artwork during that time. Sticking with old styles and habits and exploring new ones.

The most impactful pieces that I have posted about for myself are the Family Portraits, Fly Fishing Series, and the ballpoint pen sketches.

The family portraits sparked an entire new style for me to digitally work in.

  • Using solid color, lines, shadows, and smoke, I found an interesting look that drew my eye in while at the same time having meaning. I need to improve the quality of my color and blocking because I rushed them a bit and they are not the sharpest.

This experimentation led to the Fly Fishing Series.

  • Without finding this style, I most likely would have not done the series at all. Again, using the same techniques I fastened together a number of works of my younger brother; following the process of fly fishing for trout. Similar to the portraits, I want to improve my blocking. Like all kinds of fishing, patience was key in creating these. Frustrated at times and satisfied in others, I found these works to be my favorite.

Last, but certainly not least would be my most recent ballpoint pen drawings.

  • Especially the drawings done of my other younger brother. Without doing a sketch prior, I went in carefully to capture his face and proportions as accurately as possible. The line work needs a bit of work, but you get the idea. As for the other drawings, they all were results of practicing shading and working on my line quality.

I have been saying with each post that I will edit them, but have slacked off a bit in the fact that I have barely touched any of my previous works. I will continue to work on new pieces, but I will eventually have to improve and edit what I have said that I would change.


4 thoughts on “Illustration Thoughts

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am always curious as to what goes into a piece of artwork; from the original idea to how each line was placed. I’ve also found that the story behind the artwork is just as interesting as the piece itself. What sort of aspects do you search for when looking at art?

      1. I look for the feel of its emotional texture and always, it’s there. If an artist didnt feel something when they painted it, it’s not there, heart prints. I feel it in Van Gogh. And Turner. There’s so much beautiful works esp today but if it’s too engineered, its kind of manipulated I feel. As for me, I’m utterly untaught. Painting happened as a language I didn’t even know other people spoke. As a child I couldn’t speak too well, who knew about art? I worked with post office glue:) and weed, dried stalk, sand. Grew up did water colour, won a few prizes. Got shy of attention. Started writing, did broadcast. After marriage, I just wanted to be. Had a home, babies. My husband insisted I paint. I’d hide my canvas, he’d frame it. Today am so grateful for art. Mine, others. Reading your post drew me to technicalities so rich here. I look for strokes, colour, deeper texture not at first visible to eye. I need a thing there that becomes mine, a discovery of the way light or darkness fell at each other. It’s a journal of our times- art. It’s a footprint of humanity and each artist an address. I guess I look for that address, technique follows.

  1. I appreciate your story, it is amazing to hear your experiences. I also agree with you about the feeling when an artist creates something. Without it the end piece lacks a soul… keep on painting!

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