The Chair

Hello Lovelies! This week has been crazy, I had to send out my computer out for repairs. In preparation I had to back up all of my files, and found one of my projects from last semester, that I am still Incredibly proud of.

The Chair project was assigned to us the last few weeks of the spring semester. This project had us collaborate with one of the interior architecture students. In my opinion, collaborating like that was extremely beneficial. Interior Design is one of my favorite side projects, I am always looking at the latest trends, watching the shows and designing my own home so you can imagine my excitement for this project.

The project began by us selecting which chair we want, I chose my chair because it featured my favorite designs. I knew that I could make a brochure that will really do this chair justice. We were given all of the copy, we just had to take the copy and make a brochure that they would showcase at the First Friday event.

Overall I am really impressed with how my brochure came out! I hope you guys enjoy it!

I made the decision to go with white shiplap material because it was also featured in the chair. Also all photos are taken by me!

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