Hi everyone!

Today’s another short progress post on my painting. As I keep working on it, I see it more and more as a way to play around with digital art. I stick to my subject, but will be playing around with it, much like a sketch page or doodle. As I have been slowly learning how oils work, I am starting to like a technique where I keep myself from blending or investing too much time on a realistic looking texture. This is something I do when I sketch, I’ll move around and not put too much focus on one piece of the canvas (thinking about gestalt), but I hadn’t figured it out with paint until recently by using only minimal brush strokes to imply shapes. Here is a simple example I made in a Sargent Study just by copying his palette.

This is again, a big reason why the sketch is such an important practice for an artist as it could really open your eyes as I had. And then I started applying this on my canvas and….

Everything started turning out beautiful! I only may say that my palette is inconsistent as I used more and more references for this piece. most notably the chiaroscuro in the priest that the other character doesn’t have.

Sketch of the Week

Today’s is a bit of a shorter one as it is a small sketch but this is just drawing without thinking or planing anything ahead as apposed to some of my sketches where I may study something. This is just as important as the latter however as it really helps fuel that creativity and can improve some more advanced concepts like texture and pattern.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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