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Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great week! This week I’m goint to show you a surprise painting that I did for my Grandma at work.

My grandma owns and operates the Nicholson Livestock Market in Nicholson, PA. This is an auction house, and I have been working there since I can remember. With the Corona Virus, we postponed the in person auctions until we felt safer with having the people inside the building.

While we weren’t having the in person auctions my grandma decided that it was a great time to repaint part of the inside of the building. She wanted to repaint the ring, where the animals are seen before they are sold, the main hall way that you walk in when you enter the building, the bathrooms (my least favorite rooms to paint), and the hallway leading to the bathrooms.

I wish I had a picture of everything before we started to paint, but I didn’t think of it until later. Before we painted the main hall way, I had to remove around one thousand staples from the wall! Yes, one thousand! Over the years no one took the staples out, they just put new signs on top of where the other ones went.

Once the staples were removed, we painted the wooded part of the hallway a light grey color. My grandma’s original plan was to just paint the walls and place the signs required for the building that she needed to post and the USDA needed to have posted. But I had different plans, I wanted to surprise her by painting the name of the business along with the year her and my grandpa bought it, on one of the walls in the main hallway. I wanted to do this because there wasn’t the name of the business or the year they bought it anywhere in the building. I thought it would be a great surprise, so I decided to skip a family party and paint the wall the night before we had the auction.

I first started this project by typing what I wanted to paint on the wall, because I don’t have good hand writing. I typed out Nicholson Livestock Market and Est. 1985. Once I was happy with the size and font of the words I printed it out.

After I printed it out I taped the words together becuase they all didn’t fit on the same page. Once they were taped together I placed them on the ground under the wall until I found a set up I was happy with. Here is the initial set up.

The next thing that I did was trace the back of the print out papers with a pencil. I did this word by word. Once I had a word finished I taped it up onto the wall where I wanted it to be. This took a lot longer than I thought it would take, and by the end of it I felt like my arm was going to fall off and I still had to paint the letters onto the wall. I knew I had to fight through the pain, so I took a five minute break to recharge before I retraced the letters onto the wall. Here is a photograph of the wall set up and after I traced each letter and number on the wall.

I then traced all the letters with a pen on top of the paper. After everything was traced I took the paper down and started to paint letter by letter. I tried to take a picture of the traced letters, but the didn’t show up so I will so you the finished procuct.

To surprise my grandma with this I went to work early the next day and covered this with newspaper so she didn’t see it when she walked into the building. She didn’t notice the news paper on the wall, so I had to point to out but it was worth it. She was so excited and she told every single customer that asked about it who painted it.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe! Stay healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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