Pencil Work

Keeping it simple, I switched back to pencil work with caricatures. I use a generic number two pencil and do not spend a lot of time making perfect lines. I really like the texture that the pencil gives each person and make it important to capture a sense of highlights and shadows… giving the piece somewhat of a “three-dimensionality”. I keep falling back on working on more caricatures for the main reason that it is fun and interesting to experiment with capturing a unique pose and cartoon-like feel.

Creating the facial expression is also important in this process. Keeping a blank face may be accurate, but by pushing the “feeling” of the figure, a personality is related to by the viewer. In simple terms, the art is alive. These people are not that difficult to draw because you are not bound by making the proportions exact. You have free range to adjust, twist, bend, and manipulate the figure to your liking, making it less precise. Although, if you are trying to capture a likeness, the boundaries can be pushed however far, but limited enough for the viewer to still figure out who the person is.

“FLATHEAD” – Pencil on Paper
Untitled 7 copy
“PAUL” – Pencil on Paper, Paul Newman
Untitled 8
“TENDERFOOT” – Pencil on Paper, Boy Scout
Untitled 6
“FRANK” – Pencil on Paper, Frank Sinatra

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