Projects Upon Projects

This week has been very stressful for me and it looks like it will stay that way for the next few weeks. It is getting close to finals and even though I had no midterms I do have a lot of projects, papers, and presentations. We only have about four or five weeks left of school left, so it feels like the pressure is on.

My biggest project also involves an presentation that is due this week and a paper in a couple of weeks. I have mentioned this project before, it is a group art project for my Green Piece class and involves how coal mining effects the lungs. Before we can make what we want for the project we have to get it approved by our teachers and other administration in the art department. After that we can go ahead with our plans. I’m really excited to see how our projects goes. We made a diagram of what we wanted to do, so hopefully that will help us explain why and how we want to do this project. We are also meeting up almost every weekend to make sure we are prepared.


Other then stressing over this project, we also had another quick assignment to do in Green Piece. We were put into groups and had to come up with a scene that depicts either romantic, sublime, picturesque, or a natural wonder. The groups either had a chalkboard, a piece of paper, or the white board to use for drawing the scene. My group got a white board, I really liked how it came out but looking at the others who drew the scene in chalk and pastels I was a bit jealous. Drawing on white board and getting it perfect is so hard but that’s ok, we did the best we could do with what we had. There were four groups, the first one is my group.

Other then the projects I have for Green Piece, I am very excited to end this semester. I can not wait to have all of my assignments done and behind me!

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