Museum Scavenger Hunt

This past Friday I was able to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an art history class. The purpose of the trip was to find certain sculptures in the museum that we went over in class. Art museums are always fun to go to. You can be there about a million times and always find something new and interesting inside.

The Met is a museum I have frequented the past few years and I tend to explore some of the same places as well as new ones. With this scavenger hunt we were assigned to, I was familiar with a few spots some of the artwork was located in. The Greek and Roman sculpture rooms were places where I’ve seen a few of the sculptures before that we had to find. There were, however, some rooms we found along the way that I had never been in before. For example, when searching for the Lamassu, I had never before visited the Mesopotamian wing of the Met.

After we found all of the sculptures on the list, we were free to roam around the rest of the museum. We were able to find two Caravaggio paintings (to much delight of one of my friends) and even visited an area of the museum where art from World War II was showcased. Another wing we found held the paintings of Van Gogh and Monet which were amazing to see as well as the artwork of Matisse.

Going to the Met or any art museum for that matter is always a good idea. Whether it is for a class trip or with friends, art museums are a great way to study from the masters, enjoy your favorite artist’s artwork, or sketch from an original statue. I’m always love going on the Art Department bus trips because I get to enjoy a full day of art with my friends and teachers. I’ll be excited for the next field trip to Philadelphia next semester to see what other artwork there is that I wasn’t able to see last year.

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