Back in my Jewelry III class this past semester I was working on two silver rings, one for my boyfriend and one for me. Yes I know it’s a cliche to have promise rings but how many people said they made theirs? I finished my boyfriend’s ring without a problem. My ring is a little more complicated and it’s still not done. I wanted to write about his though in the meantime.

I ordered silver to make the rings instead of  casting them. I think fabrication is difficult but some people would disagree. Working with wax seems to be easier to me because you can fix things without having to use a torch. My boyfriend’s rings was easy though. I ordered half round silver wire, flat on one side and round on the other, so it was easy to just bend it into a band for my boyfriend. I used a drill to make the design which is the Zodiac sign for Aquarius. Then I made the bezel that holds the garnet stone. Bezels are my biggest problem because I can never get them to work. It turned out ok though and it holds the stone.

In the picture I’m wearing the ring because I had not given it to my boyfriend yet. I hope to have mine done soon but I really don’t want to show the unfinished piece yet.

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