In high school I was always artistic, and loved drawing. But before college, I hadn’t really experimented with many mediums other than pencils, charcoal, and oil pastels. I had a sculpture class where I tried the wheel and failed horribly (practice makes perfect) and I really hadn’t given painting a solid try until my senior year.

My senior year I took the highest level art class my school had to offer; advanced art. The final project in this class was putting a painting on a wall in the high school. This is an amazing tradition my high school has held, there are paintings up and down every hallway, and none of them will ever be painted over. The paintings on the walls were mostly popular, recognizable ones. The paintings you would learn about in your art history class. Now, you could pick your own painting, but it had to have been exhibited in a museum at some point, and the artist had to of been recognized. I have always had a love for French Impressionism, so I did a little digging to find the perfect painting. I chose the painting titled “Little Irene” by Renoir. Coincidentally, a copy of this painting had been hanging in my father’s house for years in my bedroom, so I felt attached and committed to making this my painting! It took hours upon hours, but I have never felt so accomplished! I love this painting, and I am so happy my high school has such a great tradition for young artists to partake in!


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