A while ago a talked about one of my paintings that I made for my art therapy class. It was of a woman that was covering her face. Well I ended up submitting the painting to be a cover of an art therapy text book. I waited a long time to hear back from the editor and unfortunately I did not get the cover of the book, but I am being published within the book!! I am so excited because my painting is going to be a chapter divider in the art therapy text book!

I have known for a little bit now, but I have not told many people about it just in case something fell through, which I mean it probably still could. The editor got back to me and gave me some details. I am just so excited! I thought it was exciting to get my paintings or art into a gallery, but to get it into a text book it just amazing! I submitted it, but I did not think that I would actually get anything. It was just a shot in the dark, but it definitely paid off! I was jumping for joy when I found out and obviously telling my mom right away haha. And who would have thought that one of my painting (that I fight so much to do) is going to be in a text book!

This just shows that even though you do not think that you are going to get something or even succeed, it NEVER hurts to try and take that leap!



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