Quick Charcoal Drawings

Lately, I’ve been trying to take the time draw more in my sketchbook. In the past I was told by a teacher that is important to draw at least once everyday to keep your creativity flowing and I definitely agree with this.

So the other day I decided to sit outside on my porch with my sketchbook and drawing materials and just draw. I ending up using charcoal to draw with since I haven’t used it recently. I did a couple five minute drawings from life with the charcoal. They were just really quick sketches; one of my dog who was sprawled out in one of the chairs on our porch, a dandelion flower that I found in the grass, and another of our barbecue grill. The drawings are not highly detailed or finished. Some are more so just line drawings, but I do like the texture that I was able to create with the charcoal in some of them.

Overall, sitting outside drawing was very relaxing and peaceful and I’m definitely going to continue doing this for the rest of the summer. In a couple weeks, my family and I are going camping so that will be fun but also give me some new scenery to draw in my sketchbook. 

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