Reading is Essential

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beautiful warm weather. I have found myself admiring nature and the budding trees that are just starting to bloom. Around my house are these large tree’s with white flowers that smell so beautiful. Every time I go outside to take a break from the confinements of my apartment, I breathe in the all the beauty that surrounds me. This simple moment of rest truly allows me to forget just for a brief moment all the chaos that has been happening in the world. I am taking the time to capture more beautiful moments. Below is a photo taken from my kitchen window looking out over the city at sunset.

I have had a lot of free time as well being that spring semester has come to an end. I am filling majority of my free time with reading. I had picked up this habit throughout the semester in my World Literature class. We read many works by Nobel Prize winners such as Heinrich Boll, Mo Yan, Wole Soyinka and many more. I decided that I would read more books based on material I found appealing rather than what I was assigned, so I can start to develop my own taste in literature. These works consists mainly of mysteries, self-help, oral history and thrillers. Here are just some of the books I have read over this time.

Reading holds me accountable, which is great to match my personality. I strive on responsibilities and it gives me a great sense of achievement. Every time I finish a new book and immediately start another, it makes me feel accomplished. It’s the small victories that are sparking joy in my days. In the beginning of quarantine, I struggled to find happiness in solidarity. This all soon subsided when I finally got up and went outside and read a book. Reading these great works while taking in the sunshine as really been relaxing and up-lifting.

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