Ready for Adventure

Summer has just begun, and I’m already so stoked for all the cool adventures I’m going to have during the next three months. I’m so ready to go on a bunch of trips and take some sweet pictures of all the art I encounter. I’m definitely going to get some cool VSCO pictures, that’s for sure.

I’m about to get an upgrade on my iPhone so I’ve been spending the past couple of days going through my photo albums deleting pictures. I came across all the pictures I took last summer, and I started reminiscing on all the fun I had and all the places I went.

For starters, I took many trips on the metro with my friends to get to Washington D.C., and we checked out all the awesome art museums. We love walking through the National Mall, and we usually pay a visit to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden every time we go. There’s such a cool variety of sculptures there, and the giant fountain right in the center is always a great place to relax and soak in all the artwork around us.

I also went with my friends last summer to the National Building Museum and there was an indoor exhibition on glaciers, and it was quite the experience. They were life-size but abstract, and I’ve never seen anything like it before. The art and the architecture were so interesting to look at, so I hope this year there will be another neat exhibition to check out. We went through Chinatown in D.C. as well, and there I was able to check out the decorated archways and streets in that area. There’s such cool art everywhere in D.C. no matter where you go, so I know on my trips this year I’ll definitely run into some more.

Last summer, I also took a trip down to Tennessee and visited some really fascinating places filled with art. I went with my family to Memphis and Nashville, and just the street art was such a neat thing to experience. On my last night I checked out the famous Beale Street, and I got a real good taste of the art and culture down there.  I took as many pictures as possible, of anything and everything I thought was cool, and I didn’t look at them again until on my way home from the trip. I think that method really payed off because I didn’t waste any time checking to make sure they were okay so I got to focus more on all the fun things happening around me. I’ll be going on another trip to Colorado in the next couple of months, so I plan to go about taking pictures the same way, and I hope I’ll get to see even more interesting art down there.

I can’t wait for all the fun times I’m about to have this summer. I’m going to be surrounded by lots of cool art and architecture, and I’ll be sure to get a ton of pictures while I’m at it. I know it’s going to go by quickly, but I plan to make the most out of it.

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