Buildings of Main Avenue

This is my first post as the new photography blogger here on Where Creativity Works and I am so excited to share what I love and what I do in photography! During my Color Photography class this semester, I was given a final project where I could pick anything to photograph. There are so many things that I could have chosen, but I ended up choosing to photograph the buildings that reside on Main Avenue here in Scranton.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to photograph the buildings or what buildings to photograph. So in order to successfully complete this project, I went to Main Avenue about four times before I began to see what buildings and views of the buildings would make this project successful. I took photographs of modern day buildings, run down buildings, and buildings that were completely falling apart. I took these photographs from a perspective that the whole building was shown, where only part of the building was shown, and just the reflections in the windows of the buildings. As I looked at all of these photographs together I realized that I had three different projects that I could possibly make. In the end, I chose my project to include photographs of older buildings in the center of a 16:9 frame.

Once I finalized what I was going to do for my project, I began to focus on finding older buildings that shared the same emotion as the one before. I took at least one hundred and fifty photographs every time I went out to shoot. By taking so many photographs I was able to give myself lots of photographs to choose for my final project. Choosing which photographs to keep and which ones to toss out was very challenging. Thankfully, my professor and other students in the class helped me narrow down my project down to thirteen photographs.

I chose to take photographs of Main Avenue the way that I did because most people walk by these buildings not realizing how much history is behind them. They don’t realize how much beauty that these buildings used to have and some that still do to this day. I wanted to capture the beauty of these older buildings to show others what they are missing every time they walk on Main Avenue.

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