Ready for Winter Break

I think it is safe to say Thanksgiving break was quite the tease for winter break. This semester I have been on the go quite a bit between my classes and/or work so it was beyond lovely to have some time for myself these past few days. The fact that I caught up on some sleep was probably the most satisfying feeling in the world especially at this point of the semester. It is getting down to the final few weeks of school and I always find myself running around trying to complete assignments and projects feeling as if I do not have any time what so ever resulting into me staying up all night, so sleep was nice! I also had the time to work on some projects that I had in mind, which was fantastic.

With my semester being as busy as it is, I sometimes forget to put in some time to work on things that are not required for my classes. For me, I think it is important to work on projects that fulfill my pure enjoyment for what I do without any requirements or due dates. I truly enjoy the freedom I have to create whatever comes to my mind whether I had the idea for a while or it just happens at that moment in time especially when it comes to painting. Sometimes I am surprised by what I can create with simply applying color to a canvas and/or adding texture to it. My only downfall is not finishing a piece. At times I get idea happy and jump from one to the next trying to start them all but my goal for winter break is to finish a majority of them. However, sometimes I do feel this works with my favor because I come back to the project with a fresh mind and new ideas!

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