Social Media as an Artist

Hi guys! Work right now in the studio is pretty slow, my ornaments are bisqued and I’m contemplating on how to glaze them, and I’ve just been throwing more mugs, but I think I’ve written enough blog posts on mugs for now! So let’s talk social media.

Social media has become a great tool for marketing yourself as an artist, as well as an awesome track-record/portfolio of what you’ve made! The most popular social media outlets (as far as my knowledge goes) are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs (shoutout to WordPress!) and Etsy (not sure if that one counts as social media- probably not, but still a great marketing tool!). For each of these websites I have a personal account on which I use to stay up to date with friends and family, as well as post things that aren’t always art related (AKA too many selfies).

Facebook &  Instagram

About a year ago I made a Facebook account that I use strictly for my artwork. The page is simply titled “Ashley Caldaro” and I try and post as much as I can about the work I’m currently doing. The page has 113 likes, so that means 113 people follow me and like to look at my art (this is how I like to think of it).  I also use my personal Instagram account to promote my artwork, I haven’t made the jump to creating one specifically for my art yet, I think it’s because I love sharing my work with my friends and family, as well as the fact that I’m afraid to loose the following I’ve already built on my current account. Instagram is great because it lets you create hashtags with keywords about your post. I also use Instagram to follow other artists and look at their current work.

Let’s talk Etsy

Etsy! This is a great website to sell your artwork, and show others what you can do! I created my Etsy account about two years ago, and I’ve been on and off of it ever since. I go through waves of not posting anything new and letting my listings expire, but recently I’ve decided to keep this thing going! I just created a bunch of new ceramic pieces (as you all know) and I’ve been taking photos of my work and adding new listings. Well I’m proud to say this weekend I made my first sale on Etsy! A customer bought a painting of mine, and a mug, fresh out of the kiln! I’m head over heels, and I hope I can continue to sell my work and share my art with the world!

Me throwing on the wheel

p.s – The holidays are almost here, everyone loves a handmade mug 😉 check out my etsy!


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