Recycled Storage

I cannot believe that the semester is already over; it feels like it just started! Although the semester is over, I’ve still been very busy working on commissions and creating the artwork for programs, tickets, and t-shirts at my local dance studio. I haven’t had the time to start any of the projects I planned to do. So earlier this week, I started organizing the studio space I set up in my house, and I realized I needed more storage space for supplies and projects. Earlier this year, I took the drawers out of an old dresser that I was using so I could store materials in it easier. Now would be a great time to recycle them!

I played around with the set up of the drawers for a while until I found something that worked. I attempted to (and failed) to remove the lining from of the drawers, so I decided I would have to paint it. Then I used wood glue to hold them together and painted them with leftover paint from another project. There was a square gap in between some of the drawers, so I put in a mini canvas storage cube that I already had.

I’m glad I was able to create these with materials I already had instead of going out to buy something new. I still want to divide up the space by creating shelves within the shelves for more storage and the bottom drawer could use a second coat of paint,  but I am content with this for now. It’s still more storage space than I had before!

Until next time!


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