Student Spotlight: Nicole Southard

Hello! Our final spotlight of this school year is Nicole Southard. Nicole is a junior Art Education major who loves creating jewelry. She takes inspiration from her travels and wants to show others the world around them through art.

Meet Nicoleimg_1943.jpg

Name: Nicole Southard, Class of 2018

Major: Art Education

Minor: Art History

I am majoring in Art because: Art is a creative outlet and I want to teach the younger generations about it and how it is all around them. I want to open up their eyes to the world and art is the greatest way to accomplish that.

The kinds of things that inspire me are: Traveling.  I love to travel, and I use the things that I see as inspiration in most of my work.  I haven’t been anywhere in a while though so I’ve been finding inspiration in small things around me in daily life.

My favorite class so far was: Jewelry! I’m in it right now and I absolutely love it, being able to wear your own art is my favorite part! I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I have learned so much and would love to continue with it next semester, but I don’t have room for it in my schedule.  I’ll definitely be hanging out in the studio making jewelry on my own though!

When I’m not in class: (or the studio) I can be found hanging out with my friends or coloring.  I love adult coloring books, they’re so relaxing.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was: Visit the Louvre with one of my art classes. I absolutely adore the Winged Victory and getting to walk up the staircase at the Louvre and have her standing right in front of me took my breath away.

When I graduate: I hope to get a teaching position within the next school year, I’m ready to jump right in and share what I know with others.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: The professors are very knowledgeable and personable.  I haven’t met a professor who wasn’t willing to help you in any area of your life!

Some of Nicole’s Work:

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Nicole! Be sure to check out her art Instagram page for more.

This will be my final post as the Student Spotlight blogger; however, I will be switching over to painting, so I’ll see you there!

Until next time!


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