Redrawing Old Things

Hey guys!

I was just looking through my old art, trying to come up with something to doodle or redraw, when I saw that I have a lot of older drawings of my comic character, Nuri. I remember that a lot of people on instagram really liked her, and so I used to draw her all the time. I still sort of doodle her in my sketchbook almost constantly, as she is a fairly easy go to when I need to whip something up that I feel comfortable with as a warm up.

I decided yesterday to make a redraw, and compare my old art to my new stuff! And wow, I was surprised, let me tell you. My methods are still sort of the same, but I have a different style, a different way of drawing and looking, and I think that shows. It’s cool to pull up old things, and draw them again to compare. As artists have for thousands of years by painting a nude by a pond or forest to show their skills and technique, I have compared myself to… well myself! Take a look!

My line art has changed, and I like the painterly look I seem to have acquired in my practice.

What do you guys think? I think I can even push it further and get even better!

Have a great week!

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