Concrete City

One of my favorite reasons I love photography is much is the fact I can get phenomenal photos of places in which many people may not experience. Along with photography, I like to venture around to abandoned places in the area. My favorite, however, is Concrete City located near Nanicoke.

Concrete City was built in 1910 by the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western coal mining company and as many as 80 families used to live here. Only a mere 13 years later though, this small city was abandoned for reasons including there were no bathrooms in the building and the concrete was not able to keep out the cold weather.


I have been to concrete city 3 times this year and I have still not experienced all of the buildings, but it is a very beautiful area with not only great views but very interesting graffiti on the now abandoned buildings.

Disclaimer: The buildings are in very rough shape and may not be the safest place to go, so be careful if you ever visit this area. Although the buildings are concrete, pieces of the buildings are crumbling as you can see in my photos.

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