Redrawing Work From 2018

In 2018 I created this one point perspective drawing for a school project.  When I first created it, I hadn’t used many different mediums and didn’t have a lot of knowledge regarding composition.  I was impressed with myself because I thought that it was an original idea and that it was neat. Looking back I had a few personal critiques.  

Kristin Brunson-Palmer

Critiquing the Original Idea:

-The shape of the paper isn’t enhanced by the drawing

-Not very neat

-Doesn’t follow most rules regarding one-point perspective

-The color palette is lacking

-Looks rushed

-Just not my style of working anymore

For the new work, I wanted to have these things in mind:

-Utilize the one point perspective in a way that enhances the work

-Incorporate the eye in a way that creates uniformity and enhances its surrounding 

-Create a similar color palette

-Add/balance out the linework

-Add to the trippy effect that I was originally going for

Overall, I think that I have improved significantly as an artist.  Even though the work is still lacking in certain areas, I think that I successfully enhanced the piece as a whole.  I think that I am going to continue with this idea and redraw things that I really liked at the time.

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