Winning with Watercolors

Hi everyone!

If my memory serves me well, I had said in an earlier post that I now have some watercolors to work with. Here is today’s short post as an aside from my current digital project.

Watercolors in contrast with gauche is a little more unwieldy in how much you are able to manipulate the palette you have on you, mostly because gauche is in this middle ground between paint and watercolor. But what makes watercolor great is this unwieldiness. You can create good gestures and if used effectively, can create great uses of focus and depth in your paintings.

Here is the where I had ended up before I added ink and color pencil. You could go very far with watercolor and even have a highly detailed portrait if you dedicate the time into it. But for me, the beauty of watercolor is the texture and shallowness of the first initial layers. Watercolor is rather difficult to develop as there is little room and time for error if you want accuracy. But I am rather happy with how it ended up.

And now here it is finalized with some ink and pencil to add more texture and help the shapes look more clear, at least the ones that I wish to focus on. I feel I may have touched the face too much with it but I am very happy with how I carved out his form. the texture is looking great and will hopefully expand on it with a slightly larger canvas next time.

Sketch of the Week

Today’s sketch is a bit of a departure. I used to be a huge fan of paleoart but that had developed into the type of portraiture and figures that I do now. But I still appreciate paleoart alot so here were some quick sketched of Dilophosaurus and Spinosaurus with more anatomical accuracy than most depictions out there. That and a series of gesture sketches to prevent any atrophy from all the digital done recently.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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