Researching Shakespeare

Did you ever think that all of those Shakespeare plays you had to read through high school would actually be helpful in your future? No one will blame you if the answer to that question was no. But I am here to tell you it is! The most recent project I’ve been working on is creating a poster for a Shakespeare play.

I was always sort of a theater buff in high school, so hearing about this project really excited me and my creative wheels immediately started turning. Some people, however, weren’t so lucky. They had to look into what the plays were about or the themes of plays, the symbolism, you know, all that good stuff you hate learning about. So this is a great time to let you know researching something for a project is very helpful. A simple “Shakespeare play poster” Google search can really help get you going on the project, or even “what symbolism is used in Hamlet?”

Researching your topic will only help your design be logical, more accurate, and stronger altogether.


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