Hello everybody! This week I came across a really cool article on Facebook that talked about artist John Grade’s outdoor installation titled “Reservoir” .

Explained on Colossal’s website, the “reservoir is constructed from heat-formed plastic parts framed with steam-bent strips of Alaskan yellow cedar. Each droplet is attached to marine nets with fishing line which are then incorporated with stainless steel rings to maintain tensions and support the tree trunks above the structure. The shape of the translucent droplets are formed from casts of human hands cupped together. ‘We cast ten different people’s hands for variations in scale,’ Grade explains”.

The installation weighs around 70 lbs at its lowest weight (no rain water collected) and will weigh upwards of 800 lbs at max capacity. Grade also talked about an interactive performance he created with his work where he brought in a few Italian dancers to put on a show where they would move the sculpture up and down through a series of cables. You can read more about this work at .

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