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Europe Rant

Not so much a rant this week but it was very busy. Well my Sensor on my digital camera (aka Josie) that I talked about last week required more than just a few brushes to get it clean so I found a place that will do that with help from my Professor. This place is outside the center of town so I couldn’t take my bike because I keep it locked up at school (bike theft is bad here) so I walked there 9.67 miles round trip. The shop couldn’t do the work on the spot and they wanted to keep the camera a few days but I needed it for my weekend adventure. So I had to be back there at 5 so this time I got to take my bike. Now Josie is back in shooting form. Then my friend decides hey lets go do some night shooting after dinner, so more walking. That was Friday, that was the easy day. Let me tell you about Saturday…

Hiking trip to Castlenouvo Garfanana, 2 trains, 11 euros, and we arrive there. Romeo, my Photography professor, said since I love landscapes that this would be a great place to shoot. Our hike was mostly vertical over 3 hours to reach the summit and we were moving at a pretty good pace. All in total, we walked over 12 miles up and down. I think going down was the worst on my already old and out of shape legs. I didn’t feel too bad though because my young friends were hurting just as bad.

In the first picture you see below here, see that tower way up there? We decided “let’s try and find our way up there.” After a few hours we finally made it to that tower and it was a sheer cliff. Right below the tower is that big rock that over hangs the drop off. Yes, the next picture is me having my legs swung over the edge. It was a little unnerving but, me being me, I had to do it. The views were amazing!! I have so many pictures and the photographs do not give you the sense of the sheer vastness of the landscapes. I am only showing a few pictures, and I feel the pictures do not do the place justice. So Sunday comes and my legs had a revolution and decided they were on strike! Only my stomach could convince my legs to move (found a great Indian food restaurant).

SACI Class Update ~ Spring Break

Black & White Photography
Finally came up with a theme for my project, “Let Light Live.” More to come on that in the future, so more darkroom work.

Color Documentary photography
I am in trouble; no shooting this week, need to find time. I planned on Sunday but after the leg revolution incident, I didn’t!

Digital Multimedia
More working on our Audio project. I am completely lost in this medium.

For our final project we figured out we are going to make a documentary, so we did research and had a lot of discussing of ideas (BORING).

Art History
Wow we got our next reading assignments! I didn’t think books could have so many pages! Someone needs to tell our professor that this is supposed to be fun, not work.


Weekly quote~

A photograph is not an accident – it is a concept. ~ Ansel Adams

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