Roadside Art

As the spring semester comes to a close, I will no longer be on campus this summer, but I will still be posting about art and design in general over the course of the next few months.

As I was driving along the highway the other day I saw sculptures on the side of the road, and thought to myself how art is in everything. From fine arts in museums to the highways, to even the art of nature and everyday activities like driving, art and design are incorporated into many aspects of our lives.

This thought crossed my mind since I have been home for the last couple of days, and I kept my eyes more open to my surroundings. If you can still get in touch with the creative and imaginative side of your head, you will be surprised to finds that art is everywhere. Art and design can be seen all throughout a simple drive across town. From the trees you pass, or the patterns of the clouds, they all have their own unique line work and texture and in fact, their own style.


John Martini’s pieces

I used to think past all the stop signs and road signs thinking they were just there to be informative, but someone had to have thought through a design process to create the iconic stop sign, one way signs, and exit signs. A designer thought of the font choice, color, line weight and how big to make it so it is visible to a driver. Everything needs design to function.

So whether you are zooming by sculptures or just a simple speed limit sign, just think that design and art is incorporated into our everyday lives.

Images courtesy of John Martini

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