Roadside Brochures

Just this week my family and I came back from a vacation in West Virginia. We went to quite a few state parks and other top attractions that we knew about or looked up prior to leaving, but we still needed some more places to visit.

On the way we stopped at visitor centers to grab what ever brochures intrigued us. Their are always a bunch of brochures but you never have the time to read through them all so we grab whatever catches our eye. Designers have the mission to design something that will attract the viewer in seconds to grab the brochure. If the brochure appears uninteresting then no one will pick it up. Luckily for us we found quite a few good ones that looked appealing with good sites and information on the inside.

Near the end of the trip we stopped to one more visitor center and I found a collection by the same designer(s) that I love. They are unlike any other brochure I’ve ever seen at a visitor center. They are simple, small, attractive, and packed full of information guide books on various things of West Virginia. Each guide has a certain theme for things to do. I had to grab them all since I loved them that match. My favorite ones out of them all is the four season guide books. Depending on which time of the year you go they have the perfect resources for that. Out of that set the summer guide book is my favorite. All the books have wonderful, almost watercolor or marker, like illustrations. They are great for later inspiration for future designs!

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