Rome and Tivoli

People and Place

Within Vatican City.

When traveling through Rome, I found it interesting how many sides and personality types the city possessed. I had neither time nor space on my camera to capture it all. But I did focus on a few aspects that intrigued me most.

One thing I looked at was the relation between people and space. I tried to concentrate on a single person within the composition and how they correspond to the space that surrounded them. It proved to be quite difficult with the number of people in Rome. I often times had to wait for a group to pass before I could capture an image. But it created an interesting challenge.

Rome's Rooftops

Rome’s Rooftops.

Another thing I focused on was the city’s structure. The buildings are compact and dense creating very narrow streets and walkways. In most cases, it wasn’t possible to capture a building by itself as many were built on top of others forming layer upon layer and giving practically no space in between. But, this type of perspective created very interesting compositions, especially when looking up at the rooftops. Having the strong lines of the roofs helped direct your eye across the image which gave me a sense of satisfaction. Coupled with these strong lines, the colors of the buildings often took on this warmth that you could almost feel when looking upon it. Although quite small and too compact for my taste, these buildings were very interesting.

Ruins of Villa Adriana

Ruins of Villa Adriana.

The final thing I concentrated on was actually just outside the city of Rome in Tivoli where the ruins of Villa Adriana are located. This villa went beyond the usual standard of a big mansion and could be classified in some cases as a town. While there, I tried focusing on capturing the ruins void of human life, so as to really stress the abandoned quality of the area. But doing so did not give the ruins any sort of eeriness quality due to being so full of wildlife and greenery. It was quite a beautiful place and gave me the opportunity to capture some fantastic shots.



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Ruins of Villa Adriana

Ruins of Villa Adriana.

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