Hey everybody, since I hope to be travelling to Japan in the winter, I’ve been researching a lot about Japan and came across this cool article about a traditional Japanese art style being used on the tickets for the Rugby World Cup hosted in Japan.

As seen in the ticket design above, the Japan Times’s website explains that the “tickets for the Sept. 20-Nov. 2 tournament will feature rugby action scenes drawn in the style of musha-e, a Japanese art form that more typically portrays warriors in the heat of battle — often fighting against demons and mystical beings”. The website also noted that the tickets will come in a special wallet featuring artwork from previous winners and the lining of the wallet will feature “a reproduction of “Irises at Yatsuhashi,” a work by famous artist Ogata Korin painted around the year 1700 on a folding screen”.

Japan hosting the World Cup is a very exciting thing for the people, and Japan Times’ wrote “these ticket designs are incredibly symbolic for Japanese people and something our international fans are sure to love,” and that “they capture perfectly the way in which rugby is viewed here in Japan. The noble warrior, fighting with every inch of their body, mind and spirit, is a fitting comparison to the modern, elite rugby player”.

To read the article, got to .

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