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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Art History, I often read books on it for fun and I travel to museums whenever I get the chance, it’s something that has always fascinated me. To see artworks that have survived hundreds of years, or even to see the development from classic art to more modern pieces. Art is one of my passions in life, so, it comes as no surprise when my YouTube history is full of art videos.

Creating art online isn’t a new idea by any stretch, there are entire websites where someone can go on and higher an artist, art styles that are created solely on a computer, but there is something about watching people create art that fascinates me.

When I am drawing, or painting, or creating art in general my process is random, I scribble a few things down until I find one I like then I build from there, so to see someone else create something that I find to be gorgeous through an entirely new process is, in an odd sort of way, calming to me.

The first YouTube artist that caught my attention was Jazza, an Australian artist who often challenges himself with new mediums or with challenges, such as working with White-out (or liquid-paper), nothing else, and creating a large dynamic piece with it.


Jazza’s piece made with White-out

After I became fully involved in his work, subscribing and watching his videos when they came out, I eventually stumbled upon an artist who’s style was completely different. Lavandertowne has a more cartoon-like style, but it’s absolutely adorable and so it’s a nice change from the realism I usually find myself drawn to.

Though her art is not the only reason I love her channel, she often has videos talking about her experience in art school, or just general tips she has learned through the years, and I love that.

Being someone who watches YouTube on the regular it’s nice to find a way to bring something I love in my everyday life to a streaming service that helps me relax, and I can’t wait to find some more artists on YouTube to love and admire.


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