Sam Barksy, Knitter

Hey everyone, this week was super busy for me and I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to document any visits to a gallery opening or a museum visit. However, I did come across an article shared on Facebook about a man named Sam Barksy who knits sweaters of the places he hopes to visit.

Seeing this kind of personal work always cheers me up and considering how rainy and gray the past week has been in the Scranton area, I figured we could all use some bright colors and wonderful knitting talent to give a boost of energy. These sweaters typically take around a month to make and the ultimate goal for Barksy is to visit the site and take a picture in the sweater he knitted for himself. Barksy doesn’t plan on starting a business of hand-knitting the sweaters to sell, but one day he would like to figure out a way to mass produce these for the public’s enjoyment (I know I would love to own one).

Shown above are some examples of his work but you can follow his Instagram ( ) to look at many more of his beautiful creations (with some photos including his wife). I hope everyone has a great week!

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