Say No to the Creative Block

Recently I have talked a lot about inspiration…where it comes from, what things inspire certain people and why. I really think it is important to discuss these things, especially when people are experiencing creative blocks. As creative people we need to both help ourselves, and help each other, out of these “creative funks”. They become discouraging and hinder our motivation. For me, being a future art educator, I find a lot of inspiration through my students as well as through other creative aspects of my life, dance for example. But, not every artist takes the same avenue. We all have our own individual forms of inspiration, as well as things that speak to who we are as people. This week I wanted to simply remind my readers that we can pull through those creative blocks, always coming out stronger on the other side. I want to provide encouragement and also to share something that inspires me when I am feeling anything but.

The video below is a talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the novel Eat, Pray, Love. Her art is her writing, her inspiration her experiences. The story of her journey is beautiful and inspiring in itself, but how she personally explains it is what really touches my creative soul. I truly hope her words awaken something in you that they have in me, time and time again. Enjoy, and always say no to the creative block.

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