Take Michelangelo’s Advice

While I’m working in my studio, I’m often reminded of Michelangelo’s quote: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Even though I’m not a sculptor myself, I often take this quote to heart.

Often, when my canvas is completely coated with layers upon layers of paint and the painting just doesn’t seem to be working, I put down my paintbrush and pick up my palate knife. This way, I can scratch through the first, second, and whatever other layers of paint to create a whole different painting. And sometimes, when I’m holding my palate knife in front of a canvas with layers and layers of paint, I feel like there is a painting inside of it, it just takes a painter to find it!

So just for the sake of all the painters out there, I’ve decided to alter Michelangelo’s saying…

“Every canvas has a painting inside of it and it is the task of the painter to discover it.” —Hope/Michelangelo

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