Scranton Mural Project

It was a big weekend! After 3 months of planning, the Marywood volunteers finally got to make our mark on Scranton by putting up murals along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail. A group of graphic design, illustration, and art therapy majors came together to create murals that add art and life to the trail. Although it was cloudy and cold on Saturday, it was a great experience painting my first mural! I was able to create art with my friends and try a whole new form of art.

Luckily I was able to take many photographs of our finished work. Along with our section, there are also two larger murals done by illustration and art therapy majors at the entrance of the trail. Our section was along the river and we filled four columns with art. The graphic design majors and I also made big stickers that we wheat pasted along the trail which came out very cool! Rachel Hines and I worked together on the colored organic dimensional shape (we still don’t have a good name for it.) Now people who are walking, running, and biking along the trail have a new landmark to pass. As soon as you come around the bends from either side you immediately see all the colors and shapes. Our murals also add photo moments along the trail (we already took advantage of this!)

This project is another example of why it is so important to get involved! Make sure that you say “yes” when opportunities come along because they often have great results. I am so happy that I have a piece in Scranton that will last a long time. Plus, it is always exciting to see an idea become reality!

Here are some of the photos from the trail!

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