What is Zeta Omicron?

On Thursday, April 28th, Zeta Omicron was proud to host the “Zeta Omicron Intersocial”. This event is one of my favorites and is a great way to end the year. Basically this night focuses on interested art students who want to know more about Zeta when considering joining this honor society/club. The night is full of interactive activities for students to have some fun while seeing what Zeta is involved in throughPrintout a typical academic year. This way interested students can find out about the requirements of Zeta, certain commitments, and how much fun it is to be a part of Zeta.

All of the members have a blast talking about Zeta to the students! I get a little too excited! Especially when a group starts playing Zeta Jeopardy, forget about it! I love this time of year because I love seeing people who are interested in Zeta get excited and receive confirmation that they are making a good choice by joining Zeta! Although I won’t be at Marywood next year to participate in Zeta (let’s not talk about graduation and the real world!) I was so excited to see a glimpse of what next year has to offer!

The Intersocial is also a great way for Zeta to end the year! This year it was actually the day after our last official Zeta meeting (again let’s not talk about it!). It is pretty cool how Zeta ends the year and is already working on a new year by welcoming future new members! It comes full circle! Here’s to new an ending of a chapter and a welcoming of new beginnings for Zeta!


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