Seashore Inspirations

After spending this holiday weekend down the shore with my family, I found more inspirations than anticipated. It seemed that everywhere I was to turn, inspirations followed. Because I am not at the shore every single day but have been going consistently for most of my life through the summers, it was easier to find new ideas and inspirations I may have overlooked before.

Being surrounded by family, the sun, fresh air, and relaxation, each second of the weekend brought me comfort. I never realized how many different colors are seen at the beach until this past weekend. The different colors of the waves crashing onto the sand, the colors of beach umbrellas, the colors of sunrise/sunset over the ocean. There are so many colors that made this weekend much more enjoyable. This wide variety of color set so many inspirations for future pieces of work. Or these different colors can set the stage for you to try things out and further your inspirations.

I know the beach sometimes may seem like a cliche for some inspirations, but everyone has a different perspective. When you’re at a location you may not be totally familiar with, don’t be afraid to look back on the things you might have missed. Inspirations do not always lie in the forefront.

Featured Image: North Wildwood, New Jersey sunrise

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