Summer of Sun

Hello everyone, checking in from Fort Myers, Florida. I recently moved down here for the summer and I’m excited to share my experience here with you!

I am going to be spending a few months here and have plans to travel around in search of local artists and artwork. Florida is a beautiful state and there are a lot of places to go and people to meet. I want to bring you along on this journey.

I decided to spend this summer waitressing to be able to save up money to do lots of day trips around the area. I have lots of places to go on my summer bucket list, but besides places to go I have lots of tasks to complete.

Even though summer is a break from school, I like to continue working on my graphic design and illustration skills. I plan to try my best to improve my watercolor, hand lettering, photography and sketching skills. To do this I plan to do one of the four everyday.

To begin I started with doing some sports photography. I was luckily enough to be able to attend a Fort Myers Miracle game, and photograph Travis Blankenhorn. I plan to attend a lot of these games this summer and spend a lot of time behind the camera in hopes of improving some of my sports photography skills.

Each week this summer I will show you a skill I worked to improve or inspiring artist or artwork in the area. Until then, enjoy the summer sun and time off.

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