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Over the Christmas Break, I finished my first visual journal, which is extremely exciting in the art therapy world. Visual Journals consist of all different directives, notes on potential populations, and sketching out ideas for your own directives. After searching through other directives, I find it helpful to try the directives that you are interested in throughout a visual journal … kind of like a self care thing!

My visual journal was full to the brim and did start to fall apart a tiny bit, but I have parted my ways with it to start another. So the first page in my new journal was dedicated to the first directive we would do in my course this semester, Art Therapy Applications. Our first class directive was to create something that shows who you are. This directive could go a lot of different ways as some of my classmates did some tiny sketches of their favorite things, some painted, one even created a tiny pillow! But I took this directive down the collage route. I always like collaging when I get the chance to because there are a lot of creative ideas that can stem from just magazine pieces.

self collage

My Self Collage!

Collages can depict so many things about oneself and are great to use with populations that can be benefited from collaging. It cannot always be used, but can always be a fun directive. I am so happy that my new visual journal’s first page is dedicated to who I am and things I enjoy. There a lot of secret components to collage pieces, but are great way to use an external source to create something for yourself!

journal cover

Featured Image: [My first visual journal cover]

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