Semester Ending

The Green Piece project my group and I have been working on for weeks is finally coming to an end! This week I printed out the mining map of Scranton and one of my group members glued it onto the wood. It turned out really good in my opinion. Then my other group member took it home for thanksgiving break to add flowers to the other side. Hopefully this project will turn out good!

wood lung

Other then the stressful project that I am doing, this semester is finally ending. I only have two more weeks left! Even though I am excited to start winter break I am also excited for the spring semester. I will be starting my gallery internship in The Maslow Gallery in spring, my first internship out of three that is required for my major. I can not wait to study the works of art in that gallery! I am also going to be studying abroad to Ireland during spring break. Hopefully I will come across some art while there! Of course, I will be blogging all of my experiences next semester.

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