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I always seem to get lost in a bunch of videos on Facebook. Who doesn’t love a cute picture of a puppy, or a gif of something a little too relatable, but my favorite is some of the craft and cooking videos. While I was scrolling through pictures and videos, I happened upon an advertisement for adult paint by numbers.

Adult coloring books has been rising in popularity recently so when I saw an ad about adult paint by number, I was interested to see what it exactly entailed. These adult paint by number are very similar to regular paint by numbers, but are more difficult and was advertised as being a great gift for even an artist. The detail on the paint by numbers are so fine that it takes a good eye to find each marked area. With the Holiday season upon us, this would make a great gift for an artist friend. One of the websites you can find these intricate paint by numbers is the top level art website, here.

Another thing I found on my travels through the internet is a website that hosts online classes of various crafts and activities. Creativebug is a great website that you can sign up for and enjoy classes on painting, cooking, quilting, and other activities. The classes have a certain project, or craft that you can create along with the video of someone guiding you step by step.

Online is a great place to find ideas, or to look for new activities and crafts that can expand your creative freedom and imagination. Whenever I hid a roadblock, I usually do some research and find something that either takes my mind off the project for a little while, or find the inspiration to continue with a new look on something.

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