Semester In Retrospect

As the title of this installments suggests, the photos attached to this post are primarily from posts drafted during this semester (or at least the same shoots as those that would go into said posts). This semester was relatively unique compared to others in the sense that I had more time to focus on shooting than I have in the past and overall I am grateful that I had the time to experiment. While learning more about aspects of photography that I had previously known little about in my Commercial Photography class, I also had plenty of time to work on my own style of shooting, which was, in part, motivated by this blog.

Since I started writing for Where Creativity Works this has been a weekly outlet for my thoughts on photography at the moment, as well as a stable motivation to continue shooting once I leave the classroom; and, this being my final entry, I’d like to thank anyone, family, friend, or stranger who took the time over the past year to read my words and look at my work.

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