Senior Project Update

I’ve been working on my senior project and I’ve finally just finished one sculpture out of four. It’s quite terrifying that I’m not even half way done and there’s only four months left. I’ve been trying to set goals of when I would like certain things to be completed and hopefully that will work out. I know what I want my sculptures to look like it’s just about making it happen. I’m really excited to have this steampunk theme incorporated into my senior project because I’ve always wanted to work on something like this.

The sculpture in the picture is about my height which is 5’2″ so it life size. It has a steel skeleton holding it together that’s attached to a large gear at the base. This sculpture is extremely heavy but it was hard to find light parts to add to it. The other three sculpture will have the same look to them. I can’t wait to get the next one done and share it!

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